Monday, September 3, 2012

Owl Cards

Though this is not technically a sewing project it was something I made so I found it suitable to show on my blog!

I have been searching for birthday invites for Gems first birthday and shutterfly as well as others are going to cost $40+ for 20 invites.  I thought her picture on the invite would be cute, but then I realised that once my friends are done with the invites they might just toss them in the trash.  I don't want pictures and the address of Gem floating around in the world of trash so I decided to make them.

I found this blog post Owl Invitations and since this blogger so nicely included the template I decided that these invites would be the perfect ones for Gem.  I also have a ton of scrapbooking paper (I don't scrapbook, and yet people buy it for me) so the only money I put out for these invites were for the googly eyes and the envelopes to send them in.

Ok, sorry for the long spiel, here are the cards (they are all different)
I wasn't sure how I felt about a patterned bird and patterned body, but I am happy with how they turned out, now I can get them addressed and send them out.

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