Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The hooters are done!

So this was quite an adventure in sewing, one I'm not sure I'll be willing to take again any time soon. The first blanket I started out with was quite a learning experience. It's not so much a blanket as 2 pieces of fabric with batting in the middle that I could probably lay the baby on.

I Think was frustrated me about it was all those little tiny pieces that were pre-sewn together to make it look like a quilt. The back side of the fabric I kept cutting to make it even with the pre-sewn, and then it wouldn't be the same size, I did this about 2-3 times before I finally said f*ck it, I sewed it together and hoped for the best, it turned out alright, not my best work.

The second one, I'm glad I did 2nd, it was supposed to be that "je ne said quois" ha ha. I learned some more with this piece. I had it pinned together, and sewn on 3 sides, the forth side was not lining up and I kept swearing at it, but it still wouldn't line up. Then I held it up in the air, and shook it and immediately saw my problem. Those wonderful little owls were making the fabric scrunch up a little bit. I fiddled with the fabric, stretched it, pulled it, unstitched on of the sides, and voila, I finally got it to work for me!Because of the lesson I had learned with the previous blanket I cheated on the last step and got some blanket binding. It didn't quite line up on the underside, so I snipped it to fit and that added some of the "no fray" stuff to the ends so it wouldn't fray.

So, the lesson I learned here is, if I really am ever going to quilt again, I need to start from scratch, on my own, no more pre-sewn quilt pieces!

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