Friday, January 4, 2013

My ReSEWlutions

Ah here we are, 4 days into the New Year, and I have not even written on EITHER of my blogs for a long time.  I know I said one of my resolutions this year would be to Sew more, and write on this blog more.  So I really need to stop slacking.  I started thinking this morning "Ok, you want to sew more, but what to you want to sew more of?".  It hit me that, much like writers block, I get sew-ers block.  I will sit down and be ready to sew something and then think F#*%, what do I want to sew?  I spend about a half hour humming and hawing and then before I know it, the babies are up from their naps.
Mind you my work-out schedule is about to change so I can probably sew more after hours if I get home from the gym by 7pm and not 9pm.  I need to start a list of things I want to sew and maybe the block won't seem so hards when it comes time to sit down and focus on my task at hand.
So here are things I want to get accomplished this year.
  • Finish at least one UFO a month (I know it seems like a small task, but in the bigger picture, I have a ton of fabric that needs to get sewn)
  • Make a mock up dress for my friends wedding (to see if the dress is appropriate attire for a bridesmaid to wear).
  • Sew a skirt that I will actually wear out in public
  •  Sew a shirt with more structure (vs. a jersey knit t-shirt)
  • Start sewing "gift bags", and using scrap material as ribbon so I have them on hand for birthday parties for quick wrapping duties.
  • Only buy patterns that I know I can and will use more than once
  • Keep interfacing on hand at all times
  • Focus more on sewing a garment properly than how quickly I can sew it.
  • Learn more about my measurements and how to read a pattern and correctly cut out the right size
  • Blog both my successes and failures in sewing (because it might appear that I'm not sewing, but I am. I'm just not proud of all of them)
So, there it is, my shortlist of things that I would like to achieve in the sewing world this year.