Friday, October 26, 2012

Argyle Scoopneck

I ordered this Argyle fabric about 2 years ago from Mood Fabrics (I had a groupon).  I had been hesitating about what to make, and then I realised that the longer I hold on to this fabric, the more I will fret about what to make.  There is no perfect and ideal pattern for every single piece of fabric I buy and I always find myself hesitating to cut because I worry that there might be a better pattern down the line.  I finally decided "screw it" started cutting.

The pattern is from a previously loved top that I was no longer wearing.  I took it apart, traced it and viola!  The front is the argyle pattern and the sleeves and back is dark purple.

Somehow I was able to sew most of it during naptime, if it had not been for my machine acting up I would have finished all of it during naptime.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quick "weight loss" fit

I bought this top online about 2 months ago from Rickis (damn I love that store), and I had a size large, colour purple sitting in my online shopping cart.  Well, Rickis played a cruel cruel joke on me, and when I checked out they said "oh, hey BTW the shirt colour and size you wanted are gone, your option is a XXL in grey/black".  I really liked the shirt, and it was a good deal, so I said "Since we are SUCH good friends, I WILL buy this shirt and I will take it in.

Without further ado, here is the before and after.

Before - big boxy, and shapeless
Oh hey, my "unimpressed face"

 After-fitted, and still long enough to suit me.
Oh, even better, my "pretend to smile" face
It was fairly quick, and I think in the end I took about 4-5 inches on each side, BAM.  The arms might not be completely matched underneath, but no one will be checking up in my business so it's ok.