Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finished, but not really

The dress in question, sorry for the messy play room

Top without the bottom band

Top pulled down, with bottom band.

This top is too tight at the moment, but I don't have enough fabric to fix it, so I have to save it for further along on my weight loss journey.  I'm stuck at the moment though for what to do with this top.  I think I need to ditch the white band at the bottom and just hem the shirt as it.  The material is really stretchy too, so it pulls down and I can make it really long, but I don't want it too long.  Watch this space for further shirt improvements.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finish what you started!

I know I talk about sewing but I seldom actually follow through with it (all talk no action). I realized last night while trying to sleep (because that's when my brain won't shut down) that I just need to finished what I start, see it through to the end. So what I am planning on doing is cracking open my bucket of half finished projects (yes there is a bucket!) and either seeing a project to completion, or salvaging the project for something else. My first salvage will be the blue star dress that just never worked out and got tossed aside for something easier. My plans are to turn the bottom portion into a skirt and try and salvage the top half for something else. let's try for this weekend......

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Refashioned Top

Slowly refashioning clothes as I go along.  This used to be a plain black long sleeved top that I bought last year because I needed something to wear in the winter.  I hemmed the sleeves to 3/4 (can't stand long sleeves).  I took an old skirt that I never wore, and took the waistband and put it on the bottom of the shirt.  I cut the rest of the skirt to make a cowl neck type top.  Overall I like this top much better than what I had before and have already worn it out in public (yay for not being ashamed in clothes I refashioned!)

Still kind of a black boring top, but it looks a lot better than it started off as (which I had a picture!)  The bottom band is a little tight at the moment, but I don't usually pull my tops down like I did in the picture.