Friday, May 4, 2012

White Butterfly Top

I call this my Butterfly top because the sleeves are flowy, and remind me of wings.  I started this top about 3 years ago, I hated the sleeves, the shirt was too big and I kept taking it in and taking it in until it fit.  Then I tried to take the sleeves in to make them not so flowy.  I hated how it all turned out so I threw it in my pile of -works in progress-.  After I found it I couldnt figure out why I hated it so much, and after I saw what I had done to the sleeves I undid all the stitching and realised I loved the butterfly wing sleeves.  I added a band to the bottom of the shirt like I do with all of my tops so it would add length and I wouldnt have to hem it.
Here is the top...