Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another UFO finished.

I have finally finished a top that I previously blogged about.  The original top, even though unfinished was supposed to look like this
so smiley and happy and yellow that day.

 I decided that there was nothing redeeming about the top as it was so I changed it, only slightly.  You can't see it in the top picture but there was a white band that was suppose to go on the bottom.  It wasn't cute.  The shirt was too long and the white band just made it worse.
I took that off.  I also took off the white neckband and traded it for grey (the stars on the shirt are silver, so why not?).  I liked the crossed over look but it never sat right on me so I turned the shirt backwards, and created a scoopneck top instead.

Here is the back.

It's still a bit tight, but it's not as horrible as the top photo.  I will actually wear this out in public when the time is right....