Saturday, November 28, 2015

The dress that almost wasn't, but then was.

This starts out as a happy tale, that gets sad, and then happy again.
So My hubby tells me we are invited to a Margarita Ball, which was an invite only-black tie event. I have never been, but my first thought was "crap now I have to get dolled up". I immediately went pattern shopping and gave myself a few to choose from. Well Halloween rolled around so I couldn't start the dress until after that, but eventually I chose simplicity 1415. I picked view B, but did it without sleeves, and chose a stretchy blue taffeta with a navy blue chiffon overlay. I measured myself and cut out the right size...or so I thought. All through the sewing I would try the dress on, but because the zipper wasn't in yet, I couldn't tell how much the dress wasn't actually fitting. I finally get to that last step and lo and behold, it won't zip, it's too tight. I sat on the couched and sulked for the rest of the night, and immediately took it apart.
I bought another dress the next day, so I had a back up. I had 3 days before this ball and I had some determination, I took the skirt off the bodice, and unpicked the seams halfway up (and down on the skirt). I took out the pleats and the darts, and started to rebuild. Luckily I left a seam allowance and this is where I got lucky. I sewed about 1/4 of an inch (pretty much where the serger had stitched), and left the darts of the bodice. I also turned the pleats into gathers (pleats made my ass look bigger than it needed to). I sewed it back together, and put the zipper in, and holy shit, it fit.
I made the bow to hide the mess of the gathers at the waist, and then I was done.
I was able to wear it AND return the other dress (so, money saved there I guess!). Besides, I saw 2 other lovely ladies wearing the same dress, so I guess I was lucky there.

Anyway, here is the dress.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Last time I blogged about sewing was almost 2 YEARS ago.  Yikes. Needless to say I have been sewing, just have not been blogging, I have a lot of catching up to do.  First and foremost, I finished my friends quilt. That was about 2 weeks ago (whoops, slacker!!!)  I didn't take a picture of it myself, so the one I am posting is from her facebook page.
The hesitation to finish it came from it not being "perfect".  I would work on it for a few days, get bored, move on, etc.  Then it came time to top stitch it. I used a Twin Needle, which kept skipping, which was annoying. So I had a choice, keep sewing with it or stop.  I stopped.  Then in October I bought a Coverstitch Machine (oh how I have always wanted one).  It solved the problem of skipping stitches and finally gave it the look I was hoping for.  The next snag was when I layed everything down to stitch the back to the front.  It was wonky, not even, I wanted to cry.  I texted my friend and she said "don't worry about it, I wouldn't have done any of this, even If i had been given 2 years".  So I sew it together.
So there it is, the finished quilt in its glory.  I learned a LOT from this.  Even though it wasn't perfect, my friend loved it, and that's what mattered the most.
I have started saving all the cute shirts my kids wear and those will eventually be turned into quilts, now that I know what is possible.