Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The hooters are done!

So this was quite an adventure in sewing, one I'm not sure I'll be willing to take again any time soon. The first blanket I started out with was quite a learning experience. It's not so much a blanket as 2 pieces of fabric with batting in the middle that I could probably lay the baby on.

I Think was frustrated me about it was all those little tiny pieces that were pre-sewn together to make it look like a quilt. The back side of the fabric I kept cutting to make it even with the pre-sewn, and then it wouldn't be the same size, I did this about 2-3 times before I finally said f*ck it, I sewed it together and hoped for the best, it turned out alright, not my best work.

The second one, I'm glad I did 2nd, it was supposed to be that "je ne said quois" ha ha. I learned some more with this piece. I had it pinned together, and sewn on 3 sides, the forth side was not lining up and I kept swearing at it, but it still wouldn't line up. Then I held it up in the air, and shook it and immediately saw my problem. Those wonderful little owls were making the fabric scrunch up a little bit. I fiddled with the fabric, stretched it, pulled it, unstitched on of the sides, and voila, I finally got it to work for me!Because of the lesson I had learned with the previous blanket I cheated on the last step and got some blanket binding. It didn't quite line up on the underside, so I snipped it to fit and that added some of the "no fray" stuff to the ends so it wouldn't fray.

So, the lesson I learned here is, if I really am ever going to quilt again, I need to start from scratch, on my own, no more pre-sewn quilt pieces!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Busy busy bee

Well, since I'm stuck here in Texas, and probably not being able to travel to Canada for my sisters wedding, I've decided to kick start making stuff for baby girls room. Today I started making sheets for her room. I know you're asking yourself "why wouldn't you just buy crib sheets, they are cheaper that way". While that is *sometimes* true, I couldn't resist the fabrics I picked :). I had a 40% and a 50% off coupon that I used for both sets of material, and since they were 7.99/yd and I needed 2 yards, I figured it wasn't to bad.
I have an owl theme for her room, and found some girly type owl material, and the other material I found I've loved for a while. It has apples and pears on it, and doesn't match her decor at all, but I had to have it!!!

My last project I started before I knew I wouldn't be travelling, I'm still not sure if I want to keep it, or give it to a friend. I had a major surplus of Tulle laying around and didn't know what to do with it. I looked up some tutorials for Tutus and decided this is what I would use it for.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I finally finished it

Well, first I started it, and then I finished it, all in one day.
I cut out the Infinity "Dummy" dress. It's a polyester blend which will just be *oh so breathable in this texas heat :O. I might eventually wear it when the weather cools down here.

Here is a picture, it's a terrible picture, but I was making the "Clark smiling" face. No word of a lie, when he smiles it looks like a big fake grin.

*insert sarcasm.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bridesmaids Dress?

I have had an obsession with making an infinity dress since I first saw it posted of craftster. Problem is, I am lazy, and terrible at math and I can see this all going so horribly horribly wrong! This is where the McCall pattern company is now my best friend. This is a new pattern that has come out, and I am waiting until this weekend to buy it because Joann fabrics is having a sale!!!! (yay yay yay). This is the pattern front and the reason it is called the infinity dress is because it's basically a simple skirt (this one includes a tube top as well) and super long straps, those straps are what make the dress changeable.
So now I must wait....

Once I have the pattern I am going to make a dummy dress, and if it works out, then I will be buying some black material and making myself a bridesmaids dress for my sisters wedding.

Friday, March 4, 2011

flying horse shirt

Was finally able to get something re-conned and sewn up, I had this horse tank top in my collection for a long time and didn’t want to get rid of it. I had some old grey material laying around so I finally re-jigged the shirt so I was able have the top half and the sleeves as that colour.

The first pictures are of the finished product, the last one is the tank top (but I had just cut the straps off).

Yay for finally being able to sew something!

New fun stuff!

I had been deliberating, and waiting, but I finally caved and bought I rotary cutter, cutting mat, and a quilting ruler.
Why did I buy these things? Hopefully to make my sewing life a tad easier. I've already used it to even out the knit material that has been driving me nuts because it is so uneven.
Maybe I will even start on that T-Shirt quilt I've been talking about forever!
I'm such a geek this way when I get my new stuff in, but I figured that is what this blog is about, me geeking out. Tomorrow is Boogs' party, so hopefully after things wind down I will be able to take photos of my finished work to post up here.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Birthday Onesie

I will try and post a picture of this tomorrow (as long as I'm feeling well enough to sew...fighting a sickness suuuucks).
I've decided to do this the easy way, rather than searching for a onesie that declares Clarks 1st Birthday, and trying to find it in an 18 month size, I am taking a onesie from his plethora of white onesies and sewing a red "1" on it. Why red? Because it's his favourite colour!

So, here is crossing my fingers for tomorrow!

Here it is!! It's simple, because my sewing skills, well they aren't limited, but they aren't that creative either. Plus, I plan on having this on him during the cake eating session, so he can mess it up without me freaking out about "You're supposed to wear that again!"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finished items

I have been sewing (not like a mad man or anything, but trying to sew one shirt per night.
I will take some photos in the next few days and put them up here (not like I'm too worried, I don't have any followers yet anyway)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My bad!

So I have been neglecting my blog, err, both of them really, but I mostly focus on this one because I SAID I would post a project I did in January, but I lied, I haven't posted anything yet.
Not to say that I haven't been working on stuff, but without my own sewing room (sadface), I am stuck with the kitchen table, and I can tell it peeves my hubby off to see all my sewing stuff, and machines, all over the table.

What I have been working on (when I can have the machines out) is I have taken 2 of my t-shirts that I no longer favour and have made them into a baseball t-shirt.
While it isn't perfect, I figure maybe if I continue to sew more Jersey knit material, I will get better over time.
I have also been pouring over, and drooling over, sewing books, and sewing websites, trying to draw inspiration from them. So far I have bought 2 books that really break down sewing techniques and "how to's". I have been sewing since I was 17, but there are so many things that I never knew how to do.

I should also mention that, I have been watching a crap-ton of Eastenders, and once in a while, a character will have a top on that might inspire me to make something similar.

Maybe February will be better? I am planning on sewing when I get home from my vacation, Booger-Bear is turning one in March and I wanted to sew a big felt 1 onto a onesie for him. Frankly, I know I can do it, I just have to stop procrastinating.

Also, a big (and I mean BIG) step for me is that I haven't bought any new shirts, pants, or any article of clothing for myself if almost a month, I am trying really hard to scout out things in the store, look them up online, and save the picture to try and make my own little copy of it.
I used to shop at least once a week, and now that I am a stay at home mommy, I need to focus on saving money so my husband doesn't loose his sanity.

Well....since January is almost is to February.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4 days in...

I know I know, best of intentions, I SWEAR I want to sew, I'm just to flipping lazy somedays. I have an idea of what I want to do, but I just need to follow through. My hubby is going to be working for a few days, so I can sew all day if I like without having to worry if I'm bothering him. If I'm lucky, boogs will take a 2 hour nap, and then maybe go to sleep at a good time for me.
First up, a baseball tee maybe?
Well, here is to hoping that my next update will be something I've actually sewn.