Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Birthday Onesie

I will try and post a picture of this tomorrow (as long as I'm feeling well enough to sew...fighting a sickness suuuucks).
I've decided to do this the easy way, rather than searching for a onesie that declares Clarks 1st Birthday, and trying to find it in an 18 month size, I am taking a onesie from his plethora of white onesies and sewing a red "1" on it. Why red? Because it's his favourite colour!

So, here is crossing my fingers for tomorrow!

Here it is!! It's simple, because my sewing skills, well they aren't limited, but they aren't that creative either. Plus, I plan on having this on him during the cake eating session, so he can mess it up without me freaking out about "You're supposed to wear that again!"

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