Monday, September 3, 2012

Win/Lose, Fail/Success

I had about 10 white leftover from Superman that I planned on using for Gem, but I decided that I didn't want them to be white anymore (well they were already yellow and gross anyway).  I have been aching to tie-dye for week and weeks and finally got around to it.  I bought a bunch of Dollar store buckets and started mixing colours.  Little did I realise that Every colour was going to come out the same shade of Blue or Green.  The only "win" in this sitation was my purple/red combo I threw together.  At first it was mostly red, and the red for some reason came out all gloopy and didn't mix well.  Then I threw in more purple and avoided disaster.

The white onesie is the "before" shot.
  The purple tie-dyed onesies was supposed to be blue, but it looked awful, I threw it into the red/purple mix and it came out great.  Another thing I learned was - do NOT take off the elastics until you have rinsed everything in the washing machine.  All my colours ran together and made the tie-dyed look terrible.

Also, two of the onesies are the same colour, one was supposed to be ombre dyed, but again, that didn't work out.

Maybe I will try again later.

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