Friday, September 14, 2012

Colour Block tank top (Rickis knockoff)

spliced tank
I found this top yesterday off of and immediately thought "yea I can make that", so I did.

I found a tank top pattern in my stash that I liked, traced it, and cut it into 5 pieces.  I made sure to add a seam allowance to all pieces and I labeled them to make sure I put them back together correctly.
This is one of The easier shirts I have made, and I am really proud of how it turned out.  I plan on making another one, in different colours.

I might retrace the pattern and make the cut-outs smaller, but either way, I will be wearing this one, possibly a lot.


  1. do you have a pattern you can post? maybe one with sleeves?

    1. I will be honest. I traced another pattern for this tank top. I found an oldie but goodie pattern that I had used a few times that I knew fit. I traced it, and then cut the front pattern piece in 3 different sections (I also numbered the pieces so I didn't get confused). After the initial cuts I added an Inch to each cut piece for seam allowances. This pattern didn't have sleeves, I will try and post the pieces when I return home from my ship so you can see what I did. I also think the idea of sleeves is fun, so maybe I should try another one with sleeves?