Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This shirt needs more fedora....

As I've said before, I hate taking pictures for this blog, but using my "judy" isn't as fun because the tops I make look weird on it. I decided that my shirt needed more Fedora.
I started this shirt about 2 years ago, but then I got preggers and stopped working on it.

The  material itself is really thick/heavy, and super stretchy, so it took a few tries of taking it in to get it just right, The shoulders are supposed to have pleats throughout the sleeve I said "screw that" and just did one big pleat at the top shoulder seam.

I might make this top again but next time I will use a lighter-weight material, and figure out a way to just omit the pleats from the shoulder.

This was the pattern I used Simplicity 2283, view C (can't post a picture because it won't let me save it, boooo)

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