Friday, July 20, 2012

Refashioning my refashion

I didn't blog about this top after I had made it, so I will introduce you to it right now.

This shirt was originally 2 shirts and a tank top.  All stretched out, or worn out or holey.  They needed a new home, and it was either going to be back in my closet, or in a donation bin.
 I decided that I had nothing to lose by refashioning it, so I this was the start of the shirt (sorry no tank top pictures!)
The beggining of the shirt:

 This was the middle - a cowl neck shirt, with complete stain? how did I miss that!
 The end result was this tank top. I don't normally expose my arms, because if you couldn't tell I am afraid of the sun, but I needed to show 'em off for this post, YAY!

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