Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ruchey Goodness Tutorial

If there are any fellow sewers out there who actually wanted to try out the ruchey goodness shirt, I have made a tutorial for you! Here are the following steps.

Remove original neckband (if you want to reuse it, seam rip it and set it aside)

Fold front of shirt in half, mark the distance from the fold of how much you want to take out (I removed 3 inches from the centre, 6 in total)

You can either leave the middle section folded, or unfold it like I did.  You will use this piece as a template for your new section.
Take your middle piece and lay it down on the other piece of fabric that will become your new middle piece. Add once inch around the side and the top (for seam allowance)  I added 20 inches from the bottom of the original hem.  Add as much or as little as you want for desired ruching effect.

Now gather the fabric.  I gathered mine by basting, and then hand gathering. 

Pin the right sides together of the new middle piece and the front sides.

Pin your neckband to the shirt. I have also re-hemmed the bottom and taken the sleeves up

Once you are all hemmed up, you are finished, voila!!

Yea, I hate taking my own picture, that is why I am wearing those glasses.


  1. Love it! I'm still a beginner but I would like to try this :)

    p.s. You're so silly to hide your pretty face!

  2. Yea, but I kept making silly faces so that was the easiest way to take a picture.

    Also, I love this shirt, but I want to make like 10 of them which would make my wardrobe a bit repetitive.

  3. Get tutorial! I can't wait to try this! A great way to repurpose some stained, tight shirts I have sitting around.

    1. Thank you. I haven't done more since this shirt, but it really is an easy fix for tight or stained tops

  4. Nice job! :) I love how you did this! :) Very clever of you ;)

  5. What a perfectly simple solution! Too small? No problem! just cut it off and add some fabric :D Cool - really cool :)