Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hello new Toy....

Whenever I hear "toy shopping" I always imagine walking down the aisles of Target, looking at Thomas the Tank engines, or going to the Disney store, because frankly, I enjoy the Disney store as much as my kids do.  I don't spoil my kids rotten, and don't buy them toys all the time, I wish I could, but then what kind of example would I set?

Sorry, off topic, back on track, My hubby has been listening to me rant and rave for the last 5 months about how much I hate my sewing machine and how I want to throw it out a window, or set it on fire.  He either A)got tired of listening to it or B) saw the frustration I was feeling, because I asked on friday if I could get a new one and he agreed.
It's not my "dream machine" exactly, I would LOVE an embroidery machine, but that requires quite a lot of money, so it is out of the least for a few years.  I did however find a beautiful machine that will meet all my needs, plus needs I didn't even know I had!

Meet my new toy, I haven't named her yet, but she is becoming fast friends with my serger.
Ignore the water bottle, shes a camera whore.

It's a Husqvarna Viking - Emerald 183.  What does that name mean? Well, I'm not sure, but it sure sounds fancy.  It has a bajillion more stitches than my old one, and some of those stitches include the Alphabet.  It also has several more presser feet than my old one, which is a bonus.  I have used it a few times for sewing and it's quiet and it sews like a dream.  I still have to read the manual to learn all of it's functions, the manual itself is 44 pages Small print, small pictures.  My last one was probably 20 pages, big print, and lots of pictures.   I still have so much to learn about this machine, but I'm so excited to try out different projects on it!!!

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