Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My future Cambie Dress

This is the back of the dress (sans Zipper).  Don't worry, the back will get sewn up eventually

Front of the dress.  I have yet to sew the lining on, so the straps on properly on their either

A close up of the fabric I used.  A teeny tiny sequins sits in the middle of all the flowers.
Booyah, I actually kept my promise (but I almost forgot at the same time).  I have made a skirt out of this fabric previously, but had enough to cut out View A of the Cambie dress.  I still have to have a crack at View B, but first I must finish this dress.  The lining of the dress is a bright magenta because I had a shit ton of it lying around, so why not?
Next, I have to get an invisible zipper foot for my machine, and then I will sew in the zipper, after that comes the lining, and then hemming the dress, aaaaand we're done after that.

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