Monday, February 18, 2013

Cambie dress (cont....)

Well I've reach the part of sewing that I hate, ZIPPERS!!! I hate them so much, with a passion, and I try to avoid them whenever possible.  My Cambie dress pattern requires a DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN "INVISIBLE ZIPPER".  My least favourite word in zipper history.  I have never sewn with an invisible zipper before, so there was so much unknown to me.  First off, I need a whole other zipper for to install one.  Secondly, how am I going to find an Invisible Zipper at the fabric store, it's um...Invisible, duh?!?.  Just kidding, I'm not an idiot.
I got the zipper, got the sewing foot.  Misplaced the zipper, bought a new one, found the original after I bought the second one *grrrr* and I was on my way.

Oh, also, according to the internet, you need to "iron your invisible zipper down to get as close to the teeth as possible".
Ok, I did that too.
You know what, I will let the photos speak for themselves.

The back of the dress, do you see anything?

I don't see anything, but my seams are lined up.

So, It took me 2 tries (I didn't get the seams lined up right the first time), but it wasn't horrible at all, and it looks really good.  So I am almost on my way to being finished.  HOORAY!

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